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Feb 23, 2011
Lulu has announced lower print costs on over 60 book options they offer. So what does this mean to you?
  • You will make more on each book sold
  • You will spend less on your proof copies
Lulu say that you can expect your new book will cost up to 50% less to print!

Dec 17, 2010

Assisted Self Publishing partner Getting Yourself Published introduces their new Author Zone.

The Author Zone provides a personalised and private environment for all Getting Yourself Published authors so that they can securely upload their manuscripts, communicate with their dedicated Publishing Assistant, review the progress of their project, download electronic proofs, monitor their royalties and sales, and much more.


Why Self Publish

There are a wide variety of reasons why authors choose to self publish their manuscript. This need not be because the manuscript is of a low quality and has not been accepted by a traditional publishing company. It might be because the subject is of a niche interest, it could be because the author would like to be more closely involved in the publishing process and retain control of the end product. It could even be because the book is for family, church, business or some other small group activity. All of these reasons are good ones for choosing to self publish, and the end result can be as professional a product as any other in bookstores around the world.

Getting published has never been easy. Through traditional publishing it requires investment on the part of a business that must expect to see some return. But for the self publisher, as long as the costs and investment of time are carefully considered, and the prospects of sales are realistically calculated, then publishing yourself with any number of self publishing partners can be satisfying and rewarding.

Many authors have created blogs to describe their self publishing adventure. One such blog is Self Publish. This author has just begun to blog about how he is starting to consider self publishing and so is particularly interesting. There is also the blog Getting Your Book Published, which has similarly been started recently by a new author. Or even the blog Self Publish Author.