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Dec 6, 2010
Lulu have issued the latest of their useful discount vouchers. Enter coupon code WINTERUK305 at checkout and receive 25% off your book order. The maximum savings for this coupon is £50. Offer good towards print costs only - shipping and tax amounts are excluded.
Oct 10, 2010

The Lulu website has recently announced..

This week we released a powerful new tool to help authors sell more books in their most profitable sales channel —   The new Discount Manager gives you the ability to set discounts on your books across our site, either in the publishing wizard or directly from the “My Lulu” dashboard.


Self Publishing Reviews

The Self Publishing Guide reviews many of the variety of Self Publishing providers and partners who are presently in the market. These range from the very large POD printers such as Lulu, to the smaller Assisted Self Publishing partners such as Getting Yourself Published.

There are many other providers in between, all the way down to the single, experienced self-publisher in his kitchen offering support to new authors.

Each review will attempt to provide an objective evaluation of the services offered, the costs to authors, the level of royalties paid, and the apparent professionalism of those providing the services. Generally speaking, there will always be those authors who have had good experiences with self publishing partners, and some who have had bad experiences. It is not always easy to quantify these experiences, and so authors should always contact providers and try to judge their own first impressions. Is the website easy to use? Is the information, especially about costs, easily found? Do the employees of the business respond to initial contacts promptly?

If you don't feel comfortable with these first impressions then hesitate to invest money with such a business. Publishing is no different to any other business transaction. If you don't have confidence in the people you are trying to make contact with then it is probably best to look elsewhere.

Ideally you would want to be able to invest in stages, so perhaps a small amount paid to begin the process, then a larger deposit, and the final amount when your manuscript has been proofed and is available for general purchase.

An author should also consider what they are trying to achieve. Is it simply to produce a very small quantity of books for a family occasion, or for an internal business training course, or something similar? Or do you hope to be able to sell a small but reasonable quantity of books in a niche which you have identified? Or perhaps you really do think that you have what could be a best seller and want to give yourself a chance at publication without breaking the bank? These different objectives may well indicate a different self publishing partner.

Our Self Publishing Guide will provide you with more questions and answers.