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Dec 6, 2010
Lulu have issued the latest of their useful discount vouchers. Enter coupon code WINTERUK305 at checkout and receive 25% off your book order. The maximum savings for this coupon is £50. Offer good towards print costs only - shipping and tax amounts are excluded.
Oct 10, 2010

The Lulu website has recently announced..

This week we released a powerful new tool to help authors sell more books in their most profitable sales channel —   The new Discount Manager gives you the ability to set discounts on your books across our site, either in the publishing wizard or directly from the “My Lulu” dashboard.


Self Publishing Guide

It is never easy for an author to find the right self publishing partner for their manuscript. Many authors give up before ever seeing their hard work result in a book they can hold in their hands. But there is no need to feel lost, or to abandon long held hopes and dreams. It IS possible for almost any author to navigate their way through the self publishing maze and find the right partner for their own ambitions.

Our Self Publishing Guide is designed to answer the questions that most authors face when they are considering self publishing. Many of our staff have self published multiple manuscripts, and the contributors to our Self Publishing Guide are all experienced authors and self publishers.

This comprehensive Guide will be uploaded over the next few weeks, so if you are just starting out you will find that new sections appear at the right time for you to move your project forward, and if you are already working out how to self publish you will find that many of the sections we are producing will help you consider and confirm that you have made the right decisions so far.

Whether or not you have a manuscript ready to publish, our Self Publishing Guide will help you take the next steps, all the way through to having a professionally produced book available for sale on the major internet book retailer sites, and even, if you are willing to work very hard, in your own local bookshops. Self publishing does not normally make anyone very rich, but it is entirely possible to cover your costs, and even make ongoing profit.

If you are ready to begin the journey of Self Publishing, or if you have questions that you need answers to, then please use the pages within the Self Publishing Guide section of our site.